Two Lovely Nominations…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–children’s choice award nominations are the very best as they place your novel directly into the hands of so many eager young readers!

On that note, I’m so very honored to have been once again nominated for a Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award–this time for THE DOLL’S EYE! The MYRC Sundog category includes so many wonderful titles, such as CLUTCH by Heather Camlot, THE EXPLORERS by Adrienne Kress, RESTART by Gordon Korman and many more.

As a prize, I had a wonderful Skype visit with the amazing students at Nordale School in Winnipeg, Manitoba! Look how the awesomely creative librarian, Megan, gave them the news about my visit–a hidden message they had to put together!

Now, I have to say, I don’t make a point of googling myself. Strange images pop up that are definitely NOT ME!! But due to a strange occurrence, I found myself doing just that and to my utter surprise I discovered THE INN BETWEEN received another readers’s choice nomination, this time from the Pacific Northwest Library Association!!!

It’s always a thrill to discover that someone somewhere in the world is reading your book, but it gives me great pleasure knowing that my book will reach readers in the states of Idaho, Washington, Montana and Alaska and the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta! I only happened upon this when I found this image on yet another awesome librarian–aka The Trapped Librarian–‘s website! Such a stellar list!!

Of course I like to thank the wonderful librarians who selected my books, but the biggest thank you goes to all the young readers!


  1. Hi Marina! I’m so glad you found my blog post so you could find out that your wonderful book is nominated for the PNLA Young Reader’s Choice Award, Jr. division! But I am sorry to find out (yet again) that authors are not notified when their books are honored in this way. By the way, my students are loving your book!!!