About Me

A brief biography…

In case you missed it, my name is Marina Cohen, and I’m the author of several horror and fantasy books for kids and teens including THE INN BETWEEN, THE DOLL’S EYE, A BOX OF BONES, and coming soon SHADOW GRAVE.

I grew up in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, where I spent far too much time daydreaming, staring off into space, and asking myself what if… 

IMG_3106 2

(And according to my second grade school photo, wearing blue polyester pant suits!)

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved a good ghost story. I especially enjoyed hearing true stories, like the one about a relative who visited a fortune teller resulting in dire consequences, or about mysterious dreams that were more like premonitions.

In elementary school, one of my favorite authors was Edgar Allen Poe. I absolutely loved The Tell-Tale Heart and The Pit and the Pendulum and aspired to write similar stories. I was also fascinated with various mythologies, which has heavily influenced my writing.


I have a B.A, B.Ed., and a Master’s Degree in French Literature. Prior to becoming a teacher and a writer, I had a number of jobs. I worked in a library, a grocery store, at a dance studio, and in a hotel. I also worked for Air Canada in both Canada and Germany.

I’m still drawn to the fantastical, the bizarre, and all things creepy, so when I’m not busy parenting, teaching French, writing, or doing various writing presentations, you can find me curled up with a good book that has me shivering, shuddering and clamoring for the lights. Or possibly playing with my creepy dolls…