Something Creepy Your Way Comes…

Welcome to another edition of Something Creepy Your Way comes! This month, I’d like to celebrate one of my very favorite authors–Edgar Allan Poe!


Creepy Book Recommendation

Edgar Allan Poe is famous for his deliciously creepy tales. I’ve been a huge fan of his writing since around the sixth grade when I bought an anthology of his stories and devoured them over and over. I think what drew me to his stories was how skillfully he could attribute horror to even the most banal of objects, events, and creatures. To make us question his narrators again and again. Take this story, for example–The Black Cat. Was it just a poor little creature? Or something far more sinister? Read and decide for yourself! I bought this precious little book at Phoenix Books in Vermont. I just LOVE the image and the feel of the book–like something crafted a century ago. I also love that it’s so small. Like I can carry a bit of Poe around in my pocket–because you never know when that might come in handy!

Creepy Crafts

Edgar Allan Poe has many famous quotes. One of my favorites is “Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.” Very much illustrates what I’d said above. So, I came across these extremely cool creepy crafts using Poe quotes. I’m going to try and make one of my own. Check out more at this website!

Creepy Recipes

Inspired by Poe’s story THE PREMATURE BURIAL, here is a recipe for Worm Dirt Cake. For more of the “Menacing Menu” inspired by Poe click here!

Creepy Science

One of Poe’s most famous poems is The Raven. Did you know raven’s can actually speak better than parrots? Listen to one say “Nevermore” and learn some more weird fun facts about these cool, creepy creatures!

Creepy YouTube

And what about that awesome poem? Give a listen to it here read by the magnificent actor James Earl Jones! Once you’ve heard it, it will haunt your thoughts and you will be free of it…nevermore…nevermore…nevermore…

Become an Edgar Allan Poet!

Hey! Want to write your own creepy Poe poetry? I found this awesome magnetic poetry kit at the Phoenix Books. I’ve resolved to write a Poe-em a day! Here is my first line:


Well, thanks for dropping by! If you’ve missed them, be sure to check out Spooky September and Ominous October for more frightful fun!