A visit to Vermont and a Silver Birch nomination!

October is definitely shaping up to be a stellar month!

First, I spent an awesomely creepy Friday the 13th in Vermont. It began with finding my novel, THE INN BETWEEN, prominently displayed in the local book store along with other Dorothy Canfield Fisher nominees. And then discovered my name in creepy print on the door to Malletts Bay School.

Before I began my presentations, I asked if I might use the bathroom and I made another discovery…a real life SKELETON! Right there! In the bathroom! (I can’t make this stuff up! Well, I do, but you know what I mean…)









I presented to two awesome groups of students at Malletts Bay, before heading up to Swanton Public Library where I met the amazing Becky Rupp (author and librarian extraordinaire!)  A large group of eager students awaited–all of whom had read THE INN BETWEEN. I was in author heaven.

Now, as if that all wasn’t fabulous enough…

Today the Ontario Library Association announced its Forest of Reading nominees…

…and (cue squeels) THE DOLL’S EYE has made the SILVER BIRCH list!!! I can’t tell you how honored I am  to find my story alongside awesome authors such as Shari Green, Vikki Van Sickle, Gordon Korman, Helaine Becker, Mireille Messier, Kevin Sylvester, Susin Neilsen, Andrew Larson, Lorna Schultz-Nicholson, Vicky Grant, Kenneth Oppel, Allan Stratton and the list goes on.
THE DOLL’S EYE had a very long and winding road toward publication. There were many twists and turns along the way. So, to have it make such a wonderful list is a huge thrill. Thank you so very much OLA Silver Birch committee for your confidence and support! I can’t wait to meet all the great readers!