Welcome to my new website courtesy of the amazing folks at Power Point Graphics! I must confess, I’m a bit sad to say goodbye to my old website, but alas, it had become obsolete.

What I like most about this design is that my blog is parked right here for you all to read. And because I’m a lover-of-all-things-creepy, I’ve decided to go with a creepy theme for my blog. I’ll tell you all about new creepy books I’m reading (or older ones I’m finally catching up to!), plus I’m going to do a feature post called Something Creepy.

So, here’s hoping you’ll stay a while, look around, check out my books, view a trailer or two, perhaps even download a teachers’ guide. And if you’re so inclined, you can read my older posts at http://marina-cohen.blogspot.ca.

Thanks for popping by. Visit again soon!