Something Creepy…

Has anything creepy every happened to you? Not, like, really creepy. Like you were bitten by a werewolf or attacked by zombies. But strange creepy. Weird creepy. Perhaps a tiny coincidence that’s mathematically incredible? A strange and unexplainable occurrence? Or maybe you found yourself in the midst of paranormal activity?

Okay. So I’ve had strange things happen to me in my life and I’m going to share them. But because there’s a finite amount to my creepy tales, it’s my hope that I can convince others to share their stories here as well. Don’t read on if you expect an earth-shattering or miraculous plot. These are simple stories. In fact, using the word “stories” may be a stretch. They’re just little weird incidences that have truly happened. Plain and simple.

So here’s my first story. It’s not the first creepy thing that has ever happened to me and not even the weirdest, but the most recent. Perhaps most of you will read this and say, “So what?” But I know a few of you will think, “Hmm...Weird.”

Every February there is a great children’s writers conference in New York.  If you’re interested in attending, check it out here. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go but I did decide to fly to NY for a day to meet up with my amazing agent and some of my fun agency-siblings, who were gathering for a bite and a bit of friendly chatter.

Here’s the weird part. From the time I booked my flight I began humming–not the iconic Sinatra–“Start spreading the news…” but this totally old song by Glen Campbell called Rhinestone Cowboy. Why this particular song? I’m not really sure, but probably because one line says, “I know every crack in these dirty sidewalks of Broadway…” Or, perhaps I was somehow identifying with the down and out cowboy and his load of compromisin’ on the road to his horizon…

(I know. I know. The story isn’t creepy yet. I’m getting there.)

So, I hummed and hummed this song the entire week leading up to my travel. I went, had a great evening, got stuck in an ice storm, had my flight cancelled, and found myself in a slight panicky state wondering when and how I’d get home, not to mention where I’d sleep if all hotels were booked… The next day, after quite the adventure, I finally landed safely in Toronto. And what song began to play at the airport? Yup. Rhinestone Cowboy. (Cue Twilight Zone music.)

Seriously. It’s not like it’s a current top ten hit. What are the mathematical odds?!!!

Okay. Okay. So if you didn’t think that was even a bit creepy, stay tuned for my next Something Creepy which involves a bus and a graveyard and a lot of candles…