Spooky September…


Something creepy your way comes…

No—it’s not Halloween just yet, but as you all know, my favorite genre is horror, so I thought I’d create a little monthly post to share some scary but fun stuff. From recipes, to science, to crafts. to books, of course. And speaking of books…

Creepy book recommendations

You may know Joel Sutherland from his hugely popular Haunted Canada series, but have you read his fiction yet? This summer, I treated myself to a chilling read. An abandoned house, a forgotten island, a dark history…what more could I ask for? This deliciously creepy story drew me in and held me tight until its climactic end. With the leaves turning and and the lakes cooling and school back in full swing, it’s the perfect time to give SUMMER’S END a read! You’ll be clamoring for the covers—and more of Joel’s books!

Creepy Recipes

Did someone say deliciously creepy??? Who doesn’t like gingerbread? Personally–it’s one of my obsessions. Instead of jolly little manikins, try making these awesome zombies for a sweet scare! I found this photo here.

**Edited to add my own photos. As you all know–I love gingerbread and couldn’t resist trying my own creepy cookies! Though they taste awesome (haven’t yet met a gingerbread cookie I didn’t like!) they don’t look quite as creepy. My cookies were really small which made them too busy and therefore less scary. So…if you try these, use the full sized cookies and not the tiny ones!

Creepy Crafts

Have a few rocks lying around in your backyard? Try turning them into mummy rocks like these created by cara.dura.designs. They are perfect frightful paperweights!

Creepy Science

Real VAMPIRES are everywhere! Right around you! Maybe even this very second! Calm down. I was only talking about that pesky mosquito. But there are several other cool vampire insects in this world. Read this. If you dare…

Creepy Podcasts

There’s something special about turning the lights out, snuggling beneath an old blanket and listening to a creepy story! It reminds me of the times I used to get together with friends and we’d share our own creepy tales. Or the time my Girl Guide troupe went camping and we sat around the crackling fire hearing tales of terror. If you love that sort of thing, give these spooky stories a try! (My recommendation is for grades 7+ You may want to preview as there is some language and definitely creepy content, but well worth the listen!)

So…thanks for dropping by and be sure to return for OMINOUS OCTOBER. I promise it will be a hearse-full of freaky fun!