Shadow Grave is here!

After years of writing, rewriting, revising, editing and polishing, a mysterious box appeared on my doorstep…

And just like that, my ninth novel had arrived!

Now, there’s nothing more exciting for an author than to hold their book–a real book!–in their hands. Even my eyes glow demon-red with excitement to match this gorgeous cover by the very talented illustrator, Hannah Peck.

Shadow Grave, like most other novels, had a long journey toward publication–a journey with many twists and turns along the way. Perhaps the one question, though, that most of my readers ask me is: Where did the idea come from?

This novel came from not one single idea, but rather from many tiny seeds, laying dormant for years in the compost of my imagination. Here are some of the seeds:

Natalie Babbitt’s brilliant and time-lasting story…
Robert Frost’s often quoted poem…
Lovecraft’s CTHULHU mythos…
The virtually indestructible tardigrade
The real life ghost town of Livermore NH

When at last these seeds began to germinate, their shoots grew and intertwined to become one stem, the stem of something (hopefully!) fresh, new, and engaging–the plot of SHADOW GRAVE!

Available May 3, 2020 from Mackidsbooks!

If you enjoyed my other scary books, I hope you’ll give this creepy one a read!