Monster Mallows

With Halloween around the corner, try making these fun and easy, albeit neither healthy nor nutritious, treats!

Here is what you will need: 1. treat sticks, 2. candy melts, 3. marshmallows (geletine-free are available), 4. decorating sugar crystals, 5. candy or gummy eyeballs

STEP ONE: place candy melts in saucepan over low heat or in double boiler and melt slowly, stirring.

STEP TWO: Place marshmallows on sticks and then dip into candy melts, or using a spatula spread onto marshmallows.

STEP THREE: Roll in decorative sugar crystals and top with a candy or gummy eyeball.

STEP FOUR: place on baking tray (preferable lined with parchment paper and let harden. To speed up the process, place in fridge for a few minutes.

Package if you like or just enjoy! Just remember to brush your teeth after!

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