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I’m Marina Cohen, the author of several books for middle-grade, young teens, or pretty much anyone who enjoys a shiver-inducing twisty read!

Wait! Don’t run away screaming just yet. I have lots to share!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved a good fright whether it arrived in the form of a book, a movie, a thrill ride, or a disembodied whisper in a cold dark room. Horror, mystery, Sci-fi, and fantasy draw me like a moth to a flame.

I love old castles, dusty books, hot cocoa, thunderstorms, mysterious doors of all shapes and sizes, and for some reason I have developed a rather unhealthy obsession with gingerbread.

I’ve forever been fascinated with notions of time and space, good and evil, order and chaos, the capriciousness of life, the mysteries of death (though I write middle-grade, do not make the mistake of believing all my young characters make it out of my stories unscathed!) and all that lies in the vast unknown universe.

My novel, THE INN BETWEEN, has received a starred review from Kirkus, is a Junior Library Guild selection and an Ontario Library Association Best Bet. It has been nominated for several awards including the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award, The Rocky Mountain Book Award, The Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award, and the Sunburst Award. My novel, GHOST RIDE, is an OLA Red Maple honor Book.

So if you have a penchant for Victorian hotels, creepy dolls, ghost trains, and, of course, magic, grab a steaming mug of cocoa and set a spell. Just remember to keep the lights on…


From my blog...

Create a Creepy Root Doll!

Happy Book Birthday to SHADOW GRAVE which hits book stores today! In the novel, the character Hannah makes a creepy root doll and gifts it to Lola, who has never been interested in dolls before. In fact, Lola’s brother–and main character, Arlo–is mystified with the changes he’s seen in his sister since they became stranded in the old town of Livermore. I decided to create the creepy doll from my novel. And now you, too, can learn how to make this creepy craft! Watch the video below for simple instructions. Yes…this doll is smiling…But not for long! Read SHADOW GRAVE to find out why!

Shadow Grave is here!

After years of writing, rewriting, revising, editing and polishing, a mysterious box appeared on my doorstep… And just like that, my ninth novel had arrived! Now, there’s nothing more exciting for an author than to hold their book–a real book!–in their hands. Even my eyes glow demon-red with excitement to match this gorgeous cover by the very talented illustrator, Hannah Peck. Shadow Grave, like most other novels, had a long journey toward publication–a journey with many twists and turns along the way. Perhaps the one question, though, that most of my readers ask me is: Where did the idea come from? This novel came from not one single idea, but rather from many tiny seeds, laying dormant for years in the compost of my imagination. Here are some of the seeds: When at last these seeds began to germinate, their shoots grew and intertwined to become one stem, the stem of something (hopefully!) fresh, new, and engaging–the plot of SHADOW GRAVE! Available May 3, 2020 from Mackidsbooks! If you enjoyed my other scary books, I hope you’ll give this creepy one a read!

A Trailer…and a JLG Nomination!

JLG Gold Standard Selection!